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Idealog: Steinlager Pure Futures (branded content)

Steinlager Pure is asking New Zealanders for their greatest ideas, inventions and visions for the future.

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The Red Potential of China: What it means to deal with the ...

The Red Potential of China: What it means to deal w...

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The cool homes solving our housing crisis

Coming as news to absolutely no one: New Zealanders have a housing problem. Luckily, there are some innovative solutions out there....


Letter from Startup Central, US :: Idealog :: the magazine and ...

By Lynda Brendish, June 9, 2014 @ 3:58 pm. Apparently nothing brings out the fresh off the boat Kiwi tourist in me like a trip to San Francisco. Even though I've ......

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Case study: Leading from the middle :: Idealog :: the magazine and ...

Case study: Leading from the middle. by Lynda Brendish. There's a whole sector of Kiwi businesses quietly keeping our economy ticking over while the limelight ......

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Letter from America: Kiwis giving statesiders a coffee lesson ...

By Lynda Brendish, August 7, 2014 @ 9:02 am. How spoiled with good coffee New Zealanders are is never more apparent than when you set foot in North ......

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Australia: More than just a big Auckland

After recent reports that Australian supermarkets were taking Kiwi products off their shelves, NZTE Australia and Pacific regional director Michelle Templer says there’s a perception New Zealand products are less ......

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So you think you can write an e-book...

With highly publicised successes of self-publishing stars becoming more common, it’s no wonder aspiring writers are flocking to e-publishing to replicate the results. But is self-publishing as lucrative as it ......

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Top Global Food Trends: Blended Beverages

Blended, cold pressed, mixology, hybrids, fusion – these days beverages take as many cues from fashion as food does. And blended drinks are among some of the fastest growing beverage ......

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Top Global Food Trends: Safety and trust

We can be fairly positive in New Zealand that what’s printed on the packet is the same as what’s inside the packet – and whatever that is won’t kill us ......

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Top Global Food Trends: Healthy Food

With rising incomes globally and an aging population, health food is no fad. Whether we’re talking whole grains, organic, gluten-free, paleo, nutraceuticals (for example, dietary supplements, scientific-based natural remedies, and ......

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Letter from America: Kiwis giving statesiders a coffee lesson

Idealog’s US reporter Lynda Brendish thanks the Arabica gods for a Kiwi-owned café in Los Angeles....

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Emerging talent: Coup De Main

Online magazine Coup de Main started out as an amusement between friends. A year and a half later, it’s a thriving business....

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Give me some hackerspace

Tangleball is the latest addition to the growing global trend of DIY makerspaces, born of a desire to get offline and create tangible objects in a community-oriented way....